Terms of Use

Terms of Use

GetBitcoin, owned by the EU company TopCoin Management OÜ ( the Company ) with registered address at Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Väike-Paala tn 2, 11415 Estonia is a Cryptocurrency selling company which allows buyers (the Client ) to buy Cryptocurrency from the Company. Such sales and purchases are then subject to the Terms set out by the Company in this Agreement. Use of the Site and the registration of an account with the Company are also governed by the Terms and Conditions set out in this Agreement, which binds the Client and the Company ( the Parties ).

By using the Site, the Client acknowledges that he/she has read, understood, and agreed with the Terms and Conditions set out in this Agreement. The Company can and will exercise its rights to amend the Terms and Conditions should the need arise. The Client has the responsibility to read and check any kind of modification in the Terms and Conditions, and shall acknowledge that the continuous use of the Company’s Site implies acceptance of any or all amendments in this Agreement.


GetBitcoin uses terms and phrases that may or may not be exclusive for the purpose of this Agreement and Cryptocurrency sales and purchase, necessitating the clarification and definition of the following:

❖ Account refers to the GetBitcoin account that the Client creates upon registration to avail the Service provided by the Company.

❖ Agreement refers to the Terms and Conditions of use in this document.

❖ Bitcoin (BTC) refers to the specific cryptocurrency

❖ Cryptocurrency Address refers to the address that the Client uses to receive Cryptocurrency. Each address shall only be used for a single transaction.

❖ Blockchain refers to the underlying public record of Cryptocurrency transactions in chronological order and is shared between all Cryptocurrency users to prevent double spending.

❖ BTC is the common unit used to designate one Bitcoin.

❖ Business Day refers to any day, excluding Saturdays and Sundays and any international holidays.

❖ Client (or the Client) refers to any individual who has registered to avail, use, or utilize the Service provided by the Company.

❖ Completed Purchase refers to any of the Client’s purchases that have been finished successfully.

❖ Cryptocurrency refers to any digital asset used as a medium of exchange in the Company’s system.

❖ Default refers to the meaning given to it in the segment Default.

❖ Double Spend refers to the forbidden activity wherein the Client spends his/her Cryptocurrency to two different recipients at the same time.

❖ Force Majeure refers to the meaning indicated in the segment Force Majeure.

❖ Fork refers to the process by which the blockchain is split into separate chains, occurring upon the implementation of new governance rules into the code of the blockchain.

❖ Hash Rate refers to the measuring unit of the processing power of the blockchain network per second.

❖ Illegal Actions shall refer to any actions forbidden by applicable laws, including fraudulent activities like money laundering, reverse engineering the official Site, and other similar activities.

❖ KYC Process shall refer to the processes described in the “Know Your Client” segment that the Company is required to do under applicable laws and jurisdiction of Estonia. This shall also refer to any known process that will help verify the identity of the Client, as well as to construct his/her economic profile and to assess the appropriateness of the Company’s service to him/her. A separate segment is provided on the Company’s official Site to articulate the scope and terms of the KYC policy.

❖ Mining refers to the process by which miners create computer hardware to do mathematical calculations for the cryptocurrency network to confirm transactions.

❖ Mining Rig refers to the computer system specifically created for the processing of blockchains with a number of high-end graphic processors.

❖ Party refers to either the Client or the Company, both of whom are bound to this Agreement. Collectively, the Client and the Company shall be referred to as Parties.

❖ Payment Protocol refers to the process of transferring or paying using Cryptocurrency and involves a sequence of messages during the process of the transaction.

❖ Private Key Private Key is a form of cryptography that contains the confidential piece of data that proves the Client’s rights to spend Cryptocurrency.

❖ Registration Form refers to the application form to be filled up by the Client upon purchasing Cryptocurrency. from the Company under the Agreement. Via this form, the Company may obtain information about the Client.

❖ Signature refers to mechanism that allows the Client to obtain ownership. For instance, the Client’s Private Keys are linked to his/her cryptographic signature, which can be verified.

❖ Site (official Site) refers to the domain and mobile site or application owned, operated, or hosted by the Company.

❖ Transaction Block refers to the compiled Cryptocurrency transaction collected into a block, hashed, or added to a blockchain.

Terms that have not been defined or clarified in this portion of the Agreement shall have the meaning given to them in the succeeding segments or be given the meaning attributed to them in relevant documents via reference.

Risks Related to the Use of Cryptocurrency.

Due to the nature of the Cryptocurrency in general not being backed and guaranteed by any institution, the Company is not held responsible for any losses or damages arising from or in connection to the events under the scope of the following (without limitations):

❖ Mistakes that the Client commits via any Cryptocurrency related software. Among the instances that fall under this are forgotten passwords and wrong information submitted to the Company.

❖ Problems related to the software of the official Site, such as corrupted files, incorrectly ordered purchases, unsafe cryptographic libraries, and malwares affecting the Site.

❖ Technical failures on the side of the Client, whether directly or indirectly caused by his/her hardware. Such failures include (but are not limited to) data loss due to a faulty or damaged storage device.

❖ Security problems connected to the software that the Client uses, such as an unauthorized access to the Client’s account.

❖ Problems caused by the actions, or lack thereof, of third parties. This also includes situations wherein relevant third parties go bankrupt, experience security breaches, or are implicated in fraudulent activities.


Upon registration, the Client represents and warrants:

❖ That he/she has accepted the Terms and Conditions set in this Agreement.

❖ That he/she is the legitimate owner of the funds (digital currency) that he/she uses on the Company’s Site, and that the said funds are derived from a legitimate source.

❖ That he/she is aware of the risks and dangers of purchasing the Cryptocurrency, including the high volatility of the cryptocurrency markets leading to the assets increasing or losing value at any given moment.

❖ That he/she provides correct, genuine, verifiable, and accurate information, which include his/her email address and residence; and

❖ That he/she exercises full control over any digital currency address that he/she claims as his/her own.

Use of Service

The Client shall affirm that all of his/her account information, including usernames, email addresses, passwords, and other information he/she submits to create an account and purchase Cryptocurrency from the Company are accurate, verifiable, and up to date. The Company shall ensure the safety, security, and confidentiality of such information.

The Client acknowledges the right of the Company to maintain an orderly market in a way that it deems necessary which includes reasons such as market disruption and other events taking place outside of the Company’s reach. The Company will not be held responsible for the possible losses that may result from the Company banning him/her from purchasing Cryptocurrency from the Company.

By accessing the Site provided by the Company, the Client agrees to:

❖ Oversee the security and confidentiality of all usernames, logins, and passwords needed to access the Site. The Client must immediately notify the Company of any breach of security as well as unauthorized use of the Client login information and passwords. The Company will then send a notification to reset the password of the Client whose account has been accessed illegally.

❖ Not attempt to copy, modify, reproduce, disassemble, or reverse engineer any program or software used by the Company in carrying out Client transactions, as well as programs or software used by the Company to proceed with its operations.

❖ Not attempt to get unauthorized access to the system or computer program used by the Company where the Site is hosted, as well as any other materials which the Client has not been given access to.

❖ Not submit any files, data, content, and other materials to the Site that may lead to damages to another Client’s device or software; or may violate any law or regulation.

❖ Not use the Site with malicious acts or intent of damaging its functions.

❖ Not attempt to undermine the integrity and security of the networks and/or computing systems used by the Company as well as Services that may be provided by a third party. This includes any other third-party system or network being used.

By opening an account and becoming a user of the Service provided by the Company, the Client warrants and represents that he/she:

❖ Is of the legal age designated by the country in which he/she resides and is capable of understanding and accepting the Terms and Conditions laid out by the Company.

❖ Is the legal owner of the funds which will be used to activate the GetBitcoin account and that the funds were derived from a legitimate source.

❖ Will purchase Cryptocurrency from the Company without constituting a breach of the jurisdiction’s laws where the Client resides in; and

❖ Will not be involved in any illegal activities that the Company forbids, especially those forbidden activities expressly indicated in the Company’s policies.

In the event of the Company suspecting any suspicious activity or any reason to believe that the Client has breached and/or violated any of the terms enclosed in the entire Agreement, the Company will hold the right to cancel any ongoing purchases. Any losses which may be incurred as a result of the Client’s purchase being denied will not be the liability of the Company.

By using the Site of the Company, the Client must refrain from using the Site in a way that interrupts the system and decreases the Site’s performance. The Client must not alter, modify, or change any part of the Site.

Site, Purchases, and Safety

The Client shall agree not to commit any action that could compromise the safety and security of the Company and the official Site. The Client is also expected to accept that the Company holds the right, in its absolute discretion, to terminate or limit his/her access to the Company’s Service if the Company suspects him/her to be committing unsafe or compromising actions.

GetBitcoin is not responsible for loss of coins due to wrong wallet addresses or unknown recipients. The Client must ensure to provide the correct wallet ID and other relevant details, where the Client thereby affirms, he/she is aware of any Cryptocurrency transaction under his/her information.

The Client shall not, whether by act or omission, do anything that may damage or undermine the Company and its official Site’s integrity.

The Client is expected to shoulder the responsibility of providing and maintaining the necessary equipment to maintain an account with the Company. He/she is not allowed to transmit or reproduce any information obtained in any format to any third party without the written consent of the Company.

He/she is also expected to refrain from disclosing any access data to any person other than himself/herself. He/she must also agree to notify the Company if he/she discovers that his/her access data has been obtained by an unauthorized person.

The Client also must cooperate with the Company in any probing or investigation that will be conducted regarding the misuse or suspected misuse of his/her access data. However, the Client must also acknowledge that the Company bears no responsibility for any unauthorized access taking place.

In any case that the client is using a third-party credit card to obtain Cryptocurrency, a Power of Attorney shall be provided together with the necessary Proof of Identification. Such a document must be fully understood, filled in, and signed by the client.

Reception and Transmission of Transactions

The Client must acknowledge and accept that purchases cannot be pulled out, revoked, or amended in any case. Refunds may be possible provided the Client did not disobey or violate any term or condition set in the Agreement. Refunds may also be possible as long as the Client manages to inform the Company that he/she wants his/her account to be closed.

The Client, therefore, acknowledges and accepts the risks associated with mistakes or misinterpretations in the information or figures sent/entered via the Company’s official Site. Technical, as well as mechanical, errors may cause such mistakes. The Client agrees to indemnify the Company for any damages or losses incurred by delays or technical failures in the completion of digital assets purchases.

The Company limits clients’ transactions to 250 USD until his/her account is verified. Should the client wish to purchase beyond the said limit, he/she must comply with all the necessary documents to increase the maximum amount for purchasing.

The Client also acknowledges and accepts that the Company has the right to suspend or cancel any account and/or purchase with sole and absolute discretion. The Company has the right to implement such decision without prior notice to the Client. Such decision may be caused by, but are not limited to, the following:

❖ Cases relating to purposeful manipulation of the cryptocurrency market.

❖ Abusive exploitation of insider information.

❖ Contribution to illegal activities; and

❖ Money-laundering activities.

Third Party Websites

The Client acknowledges that the Company will not be represented by third-party sites or providers in any promotions, e-mail messages, links, invitations, and other things unless stated in the Terms of the Agreement between the Company and the Client.

Otherwise stated, any third-party material, Site, information, or Service offered by the Company may only serve as additional information or convenience. The Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may result from the Client’s use of any third-party site or material.

Should the Client be offered any third-party promotions, services, or other products, the Client agrees to use third-party sites at his/her own risk and therefore free the Company from any liability. The Company then does not guarantee that the third-party site would be free from interruption, hidden charges, errors, and other damages that the Client may suffer.

Amendment of the Agreement

The Company reserves the right to amend the terms of this Agreement from time to time without prior notice to the Client. Any amendments shall be effective upon the date that the Company chooses. Additionally, any modification that needs to be implemented due to a change of law or regulation shall be effective immediately.

The Company is not obliged to inform the Client of any such amendments, unless otherwise requested by the Client ahead of time. The Company, upon such request, many only send a formal notification via email regarding any changes or modification in the terms of the Agreement. The Client must bear in mind that it is his/her responsibility to check the terms of the Agreement every now and then. The Company also reserves the right to reject such a request if it is considered invalid.

Suspension, Termination, and Cancellation

The Company may suspend, restrict, or terminate the Client’s access to the Site the Company provides. The Company has the right to deactivate or cancel the Client’s account if any or all the following occurs:

❖ The Company suspects the Client of using his/her account for any prohibited, illegal, or criminal activity.

❖ The Client’s account is subject to any kind of litigation, investigation, or government proceeding.

❖ The Company perceives a high risk of legal non-compliance associated with the Client’s account; and

❖ The Client takes any action that the Company suspects to be circumventing the Company’s control, or if the Client engages in activities like opening multiple accounts or abusing any of the Company’s promotion.

On the other hand, the Company’s decision to suspend or terminate the Client’s account shall not be limited to the aforementioned reasons.

Additionally, upon the termination of this Agreement, all amounts payable to the Company will be due right away. These payables include (but are not limited to):

❖ ALL outstanding costs and any other amounts payable to the Company.

❖ ALL expenses incurred by the termination of the Agreement.

❖ ALL charges incurred by the transfer of the Client’s funds to a separate account.

❖ Any losses or expenses incurred during the closing out of any purchases or settling of any outstanding obligations by the Company on the Client’s behalf.

❖ Any damages that arose during the arrangement or settlement of pending obligations.

❖ Transfer fees for the Client’s funds; and

❖ Any other pending obligations of the Client under the Agreement.

Upon the termination of the Agreement, the Company has the right to implement, without prior notice, the following:

❖ Keep the Client’s digital assets as necessary to pay the Company all amounts due.

❖ Close the account of the Client; and

❖ Restrict the Client from purchasing Cryptocurrency from the Company.

No Purchase Advice

Since the business expressly concerns itself only about the selling of Cryptocurrency, the Company hereby reminds the Client not to treat advice from the Company as advice or recommendation in connection to any particular asset or course of action.

The Company is not obliged to guide or advise the Client about the merits and risks of a particular transaction, especially those transactions that lie beyond the concerns of the Company. The Client must acknowledge that the Service provided by the Company do not include the provision of investment advice. The Company shall not provide any advice especially after the Client has bought his/her Cryptocurrency.

The Client shall keep in mind that he/she commits actions and makes relevant decisions using only his/her own judgment. The Client, therefore, hereby declares that he/she will be solely responsible for making his/her own independent appraisal and decision. He/she must affirm that he/she has sufficient knowledge and experience to make his/her own evaluation of the merits and risks of his/her deeds and purchases.

The Company is also not under any duty to provide the Client with legal or tax advice in connection to any Cryptocurrency or digital asset purchase. The Client, however, is permitted to seek independent advice before purchasing such asset.

Commissions, Charges, and Other Expenses

The Service that the Company provides is subject to payments and charges set out on the Company’s official Site. The Client shall be obliged to pay such costs as he/she purchases digital assets. The Client is also hereby reminded that the Client must shoulder the task of paying all stamp duties other than the payment he/she needs to make to purchase Cryptocurrency. The Company also reserves the right to vary the costs it charges to the Client from time to time, with or without prior notice.

Withdrawal and Deposit

The Client should initially file a request for withdrawal, which will then be subject to the Company’s approval or rejection. Upon the submission of the withdrawal request, the Client gives his/her guarantee that his/her account has no outstanding due or any obligations. He/she also gives the assurance that no term or rule will be violated if his/her withdrawal request receives approval from the Company.

If the Client’s request is approved, he/she shall be able to withdraw the total amount of Cryptocurrency in his/her Get-Bitcoin account.

He/she can transfer or deposit funds into his/her account via different methods, such as credit/debit cards and bank transfers, among others. Such deposits will also be subject to the Company’s scrutiny.

The Client must bear in mind that the withdrawal process will take 1 to 5 business days (excluding holidays and weekends) upon the approval of his/her request.

Force Majeure

The Company will not be responsible for any delays, system interruption, or failure of service and performance that may result from actions beyond the Company’s reasonable control. This includes any act of God, malicious acts of damage, electrical, telecommunications, internet or technical failure, physical damages, military, civil, or Government authority, war, public disturbances or other disputes, and/or other catastrophes or occurrences beyond the reasonable control of the Company.


Without limitations, the following events constitute a default:

❖ The Client fails to provide the necessary funding required in any purchase.

❖ The Client fails to perform any obligation to the Company.

❖ A representation or pledge by the Client is deemed untrue, unfulfilled, or inaccurate.

❖ The Client dies or is deemed absent.

❖ The Client becomes of unsound mind.

❖ The Client implicates the Company in any illegality or fraud; and

❖ The Company suspects and proves that the Client is engaged or connected to any illegal activities, such as money laundering schemes or terrorist financing activities.

During an event of default, the Company has the right to, at its absolute discretion and without prior notice, undertake the following actions:

❖ Terminate this Agreement without notice.

❖ Close the Client’s account.

❖ Ban the Client from accessing the Company’s site; and

❖ Refuse to open a new account for the Client.


The Client agrees to fully indemnify GetBitcoin and its representatives, including its employees, affiliates, officers, managers, chat support, and technical team, and other authorized GetBitcoin representatives, of any responsibility for harm or damage that may arise from purchases made by the Client. The Client then agrees that once purchases are ordered, executed, or finished, they may not be changed, or refunded in cases applicable including the possibility of the platform or site provided by the Company going under technical issues, system maintenance, shutdown, and other unforeseen circumstances.

The Client must also acknowledge the possibility of his/her balance falling under a negative territory due to a number of financing fees.

The Client then agrees to indemnify the Company for any loss that may be incurred from any purchase mistakes or misinterpretation sent through the platform provided by the Company.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstance shall the Company, including its representatives, suppliers and/or its employees, be held liable for any indirect, consequential or incidental damages arising from the Client’s use of the Company’s Site, Service, software, and other products, may it be due to negligence, based on strict liability or other damages which the Company or any of its affiliates may be informed of.

The Company shall not be liable to authorized third-party suppliers for any liability for any damage, loss, or injury resulting from hacking, tampering, transmission of virus, and unauthorized access to the Client’s GetBitcoin account as well as the possibility of any information being leaked and used for illegal or inappropriate purposes.

Due to the possibility of a number of states or jurisdiction restricting the exclusion or limitation of liability for either incidental or consequential damages, the stated limitation may not apply to the Client.

In circumstances of the Company being proven to be completely liable for any direct damages that the Client may have suffered, the amount to be paid by the Company to the Client will not exceed the amount paid by the Client or the amount earned by the Company in relation to the Client’s use and access of the Service in the six months prior to the damages claimed by the Client against the Company.


The Client acknowledges the right of the Company to change, transfer, or assign their duties and rights under the Agreement to any party at any given time without prior notice. This, however, will not affect the rights of the Client under the Agreement and does not result into him/her having the same right to transfer or assign any of his/her rights of duties under the Agreement to any party at any given time.

Absence of Waiver

Failure of the Company to uphold the provisions stated in the Company’s Terms and Conditions shall not be translated and constituted as a waiver of the Company’s rights. No terms shall also be deemed a waiver of such right should either of the parties involved in this Agreement fails to exercise any right under the Agreement.

Anti-mixing and Anti-Money Laundering

All the purchased digital assets or funds are stored in segregated and traceable system storage. Using the Company’s platform for the purchasing of digital assets does not increase the Client’s and his/her transaction’s anonymity.

The Company also keeps records of all the Client’s actions, amounts purchased, source deposit addresses, and destination withdrawal addresses. All such records will be confidential, unless required by a higher authority. If any such law enforcement requires the Company to share such information, the Client will be informed as soon as possible, or as permitted by legal procedure.

The Company has the right to suspend or completely terminate the Client’s account and his/her access to the Site once he/she is proven to be engaged in any kind of mixing and money laundering scheme or activity. Further articulation of the Company’s anti-money laundering policies can be found on the Company’s official Site.

Personal Data and Confidentiality

The Company has the right to collect information directly from the Client, aside from the information he/she provided in his/her registration form. The Company will then use, store, and process the Client’s information according to applicable regulations.

The Company will treat all information provided by the Client as confidential. All such information will not be used for purposes that are not connected to the provisions of the Service by the Company.

The Company, however, has the right to disclose information regarding the Client in the following situations (without limitations):

❖ An applicable law or ruling court compels the Company to do so.

❖ As requested by any authority having control or jurisdiction over the Company and Client and his/her associates.

❖ As requested by authorities with the purpose of investigating fraud, money laundering, or other illegal activities.

❖ As requested by financial institutions for the purpose of credit checking, anti-money laundering law implementation, and other similar activities, and

❖ As requested by service providers for statistical purposes to improve the Company’s marketing.

The Client accepts that the Company may, from time to time, directly communicate to him/her for the purpose of administering the Terms of the Agreement.

Under applicable regulations, the Company shall obtain and store records of the Client’s information and personal data.

Third-Party Authorization

The Client has the right to authorize a third person to handle his/her account and to purchase digital assets from the Company if and only if the Client notifies the Company in written notice. The third person shall then be evaluated and approved by the Company accordingly.

For the termination of the authorization, the Company will accept purchases from the third person on behalf of the Client until the Company receives a written notification from the Client to terminate such authorization.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Company and its official Site reserve all rights to its properties, which include, but are not limited to, the graphics, software, files, programs, videos, audios, and all other contents found on the official Site. These and other similarly owned properties shall not be used without the written approval of the Company. The Company, its official Site, and the Service it offers are considered as a unified single product. Therefore, they shall not be separated from component parts.

The Client is expressly restricted from doing any of the following:

❖ Publishing any of the Site’s content/material to any other media or website.

❖ Selling and/or commercializing any Site content/material.

❖ Public exhibition of any Site content/material.

❖ Using the official Site in a way that damages directly or indirectly the reputation of the Company.

❖ Using the official Site in a manner that damages or disrupts other Clients that avail the Service of the Company.

❖ Using the official Site in a way that violates applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdiction that is applicable to the Client.

❖ Engaging in any data replication or piracy or any other similar activities for the purpose of imitating the Company and the official Site.

❖ Using the official Site for any advertising outside the control of the Company.

❖ Undermining the security and integrity of the Company’s software or computing/operating systems. This also includes the undermining of any of the affiliated third-party software or computing/operating systems; and

❖ Attempting or plotting to modify, alter, disassemble, or reverse engineer (and other similar activities) any of the computer programs that the Company uses to provide Services.

The Client is hereby reminded that he/she is restricted to some areas in the official Site, and that the Company has the right to implement further restrictions in its sole and absolute discretion. On the other hand, the Client’s password and other confidential information about him/her shall remain confidential unless otherwise demanded by circumstances, or unless the Company deems it necessary to disclose such information.

System Operation

The Company’s system consists of sales interfaces and/or applications intended for Cryptocurrency sales operations and related features. The system can be accessed by the Client via different computers, operating systems, browsers, tablets, mobile devices, and similar gadgets.

Powers and Authorities of the Company

The Company shall exert its best efforts to avoid any technical failures on the official Site. However, the Company also holds the right to cancel the Client’s ongoing transactions or purchases with the Company during such technical failure or any other similar errors. In such an event, the Company shall only be responsible to the participation fee that was paid by the Client during the technical failure.

The Company has the right to terminate, cancel, or modify any transaction if that transaction cannot be conducted as planned due to reasons like computer virus, bugs, unauthorized intervention, fraud, or other technical failures beyond the control of the Company.

Reservations Concerning the Company’s Responsibility

The Company shall not be held responsible for any error, interruption, defect, or delay in operation due to problems or technical malfunctions in any network, lines, Wi-Fi, computer systems, servers, providers, or gadget software.

The Company shall not be liable to any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages or losses incurred by the Client or any third party arising from the access to, or use of, the Site.

The Client shall acknowledge that he/she uses the Site at his/her own risk. He/she shall not hold the Company liable to any loss or damages incurred as a result of or due to his/her use of the Site and its contents.

The Company does not provide any warranty or representation, whether expressed or implied, including (but not limited to) warranties and conditions of merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, completeness or accuracy, non-infringement of third parties’ rights or of applicable laws and regulation with respect to the Site, content, and software. The Company does not also provide any warranty or representation for the timeliness, security, or safety of the Site and its content. The Company also does not guarantee that the Site and its content will be free from viruses or bugs.


The Client may, under any circumstances, file a complaint with the expected resolution as well as any other information believed by the Client to be relevant enclosed together with the complaint. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject the request to resolve complaints or disputes without becoming one of the parties involved.

The Company will then assign an authorized representative to evaluate and take the complaint of the Client into consideration with the provided information given by the Client being used as a basis for the conclusion of the Company’s evaluation.


Resources, content, information, and other data provided and is made available through the official Site, including, but not limited to, text, images, digital downloads, logos, and icons, are copyrighted work and are owned by GetBitcoin. All software or programs used by the Company is the property of GetBitcoin.


The Client agrees to the amendment being made by GetBitcoin of specific provisions made under the Agreement for automatic and immediate enforcement in cases of terms being held void, invalid, unenforceable by a government, regulating agency, and/or court.

The provisions stated in this Agreement, by nature, may be extended beyond their expiration or the Agreement’s termination date. Such provisions include, but are not limited to, terms in relation to account cancellation, suspension, or termination as well as terms in relation to fees needed to be settled with the Company, as well as overtrade all general use of the Site, dispute with the Company, and other general provisions that shall be implemented even after the expiration or the end of the validity of the Agreement.


Applicable Law

Otherwise stated, all disputes made against the Company, including, but not limited to, the disputes stated in this Terms and Conditions, the access restriction and/or termination of the

Site, GetBitcoin trademarks, trade dress, copyright, and other disputes on intellectual property disputes, accounts of users, privacy, and warranty disclaimers will be governed under the laws of the jurisdiction of Estonia.

Should any of the Terms provided in the entire Agreement be deemed invalid or impossible to be enforced under any jurisdiction’s law, rule, or regulation, the enforceability and validity of any other Terms or provisions stated in the Agreement shall not be affected.


If you have any questions relating to these Terms of Use, your rights and obligations arising from these Terms and/or your use of the Site and the Service, your Account, or any other matter, please contact [email protected].

By using the Site, the Client acknowledges that he/she has read, understood, and agreed with the Terms and Conditions set out in this Agreement. The Company can and will exercise its rights to amend the Terms and Conditions should the need arise. The Client has the responsibility to read and check any kind of modification in the Terms and Conditions, and shall acknowledge that the continuous use of the Company’s Site implies acceptance of any or all amendments in this Agreement.